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    Electro Harmonix Volume Pedal

    990,00 kr

    Rugged and road-worthy while featuring a new light-weight design, this pedal provides smooth, comfortable action for precise control of your dynamics in any setting. Two impedance options (25K or 250K) in one ultra-responsive pedal for added versatility.

    Electro Harmonix 15Watt Howitzer

    1.490,00 kr

    The 15Watt Howitzer guitar amp/preamp is an ultra-compact workhorse that’s perfect as part of a portable guitar rig, or as an emergency backup and gig saver should your main amp break down. It’s super flexible, like a musical chameleon, and depending on the gear you use and your style, will fit in the broadest range of genres.

    The 15Watt Howitzer’s Volume and Gain controls let you go as clean or as crunchy as you want while the Bass, Mid and Treble knobs provide plentiful tone shaping. Its FX Loop gives you the option of putting effects like reverb and delay after the preamp. Of course you can still run your guitar straight into pedals and then right into the 15Watt Howitzer’s input jack.


    Electro Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper

    1.990,00 kr

    With 720 seconds (12 minutes) of stereo recording time on 10 independent loops and unlimited overdubbing, the compact 720 Stereo Looper provides guitarists with an intuitive tool that’s perfect for practice and live performance.

    Electro Harmonix Bass Mono Synth Bass Synthesizer

    1.790,00 kr

    Elector-harmonix Bass Mono Synth transformerar din bas till elva olika synthar.. från vintage synth emuleringar till feta stackade röster och djupa pulserande sound.

    Electro Harmonix Eddy

    1.690,00 kr

    No one does bucket-brigade effects like Electro-Harmonix and with the Eddy you get lush EHX vibrato and chorus in a compact, pedalboard friendly package with unique control options.

    The Eddy gives you envelope and expression pedal control over modulation rate and depth. That means you can control either with your playing dynamics. Plus, if you plug in an EXP pedal, you can use it to control the rate or depth at the same time.

    The Eddy also features LFO shape warping which can transform the shape of the modulation from a standard sine wave to something totally asymmetric. Plus, the pedal’s tone control lets you make the sound brighter or darker.

    Electro Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder

    1.490,00 kr
    Iron Lung är lillebror till V256 men har samma fantastiska 256 bands Vocoder, du hittar också den smått otroliga Gender bender-kontrollen som låter dig välja kön på stämmorna. XLR mic-ingång med 3 separate gainsteg.

    Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi Distortion / Fuzz / Overdrive

    990,00 kr

    Nano Big Muff Pi fungerar och låter identiskt med den klassiska NYC Big Muff Pi, fast är betydligt mindre i storleken.

    Electro Harmonix NANO DELUXE MEMORY MAN Analog Delay/Chorus/Vibrato

    2.390,00 kr

    No one does analog delay and modulation like Electro-Harmonix and the Nano Deluxe Memory Man delivers the unmistakably lush delay, chorus and vibrato of the benchmark large-format Deluxe Memory Man in a compact, pedalboard ready chassis.

    The Nano Deluxe Memory Man delivers EHX’s signature analog delay, chorus and vibrato plus some updates we’ve added including both Rate and Depth knobs for enhanced modulation control. It features a maximum delay time of 550mS, an internal user-accessible switch to turn delay tails on or off, true bypass switching when the tails feature is off and it comes equipped with a standard 9Volt power supply. For over 44 years the Deluxe Memory Man has been the gold standard for analog delay and modulation. Now it’s available in an ultra-compact package!


    Electro Harmonix Nano Metal Muff

    990,00 kr

    The EHX Nano Metal Muff was built for the player who demands nothing less than hard-hitting distortion and an intense, aggressive sound. It’s a combination of weaponized distortion and an extremely powerful EQ section that provides all the flexibility and tone-shaping needed to dial in an array of ultra-heavy sounds.

    The Nano Metal Muff’s newly designed noise gate is a superb addition to this high-gain pedal and eliminates unwanted hum when you stop playing. It features a noise floor threshold control (GATE) and its own LED to indicate when the gate is engaged.

    A compact footprint and intelligent, straight forward controls complete the picture.

    Electro Harmonix OCEANS 11 Reverb

    2.090,00 kr
     11 olika Reverb typer: 1. HALL, 2. SPRING, 3. PLATE, 4. REVRS, 5. ECHO, 6. TREM, 7. MOD, 8. DYNA, 9. AUTO-INF, 10. SHIM, 11. POLY
    - Tails switch. Välj om reverbet skall klinga ut naturligt eller stluta omedelbart när pedalen trycks av.
    - Enkel tillgång till 'gömda' parametrar genom en sekundär ratt.
    - Kan producera oändlig reverb i alla inställningar.

    Electro Harmonix OCEANS 12 Dual Stereo Reverb

    3.090,00 kr
    Electro Harmonix Oceans 12 Reverb. Baserad på Oceans 11 fast med fler reverb och funktionalitet. Två Reverb samtidigt eller för sig själva, stereo reverb, 24 presets och avanderad I/O för stereo in/ut eller mono send/return med pre och post valmöjligheter. 

    Electro Harmonix Ripped Speaker

    1.390,00 kr

    The Ripped Speaker is a modern fuzz with old school roots and pays homage to one of the ways that early, distorted guitar and bass sounds were made. At low fuzz settings the pedal emulates the lo-fi distortion sounds of yesteryear, the kinds of sounds created by a razor blade applied to a speaker cone, a loose tube or a faulty channel on a recording console. When you crank the fuzz up the sound is transformed. It’s modern and monumental with a searing, fully saturated, fuzz tone.

    The Ripped Speaker’s RIP knob is a bias control which sets the amount of clipping at the top and bottom of the signal wave form. It adds a lot of versatility and lets you tailor the character of the fuzz. Noon is neutral, a position where the fuzz is perfectly biased... fat, with a great low end and top end bite without being harsh. As you turn the knob clockwise the pedal produces a hard gating effect and the signal sputters and chokes. It’s great for creating a dying battery effect. Turning the knob CCW produces yet a different style of fuzz with a smoother gating effect where the signal fades out quickly.


    Electro-Harmonix B9

    3.769,00 kr
    B9 Organ Machine låter dig spela orgel från din gitarr och har 9 presets som emulerar olika orgeltyper. Levereras med nätadapter.

    Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone

    1.290,00 kr
    Nytillverkning av den klassiska Bad Stone Phase Shifter från 1970-talet med försiktiga förbättringar för den moderna gitarristen. Levereras med batteri.

    Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi

    1.390,00 kr
    Klassisk Distortion/Sustainer för elbas.

    Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth

    3.290,00 kr

    EHX Bass Micro Synthesizer är en ren bassyntersizer med analoga komponenter. Justerbara synthbarametrar levererar ett feta, snygga ljud som om de kom från en annan värld.

    Electro-Harmonix Bass Preacher

    1.290,00 kr

    Kompressor/Sustainer för elbas.

    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi

    1.475,00 kr
    Originalet från New York City, Jimi Hendrix och Carlos Santana var bland dom första att upptäcka dess rika, krämiga fiolliknande ton. Kontroller för volume, tone och sustain.

    Electro-Harmonix Blurst

    1.890,00 kr

    Electro-Harmonix Canyon

    1.990,00 kr
    Fullpackad delaypedal med bl.a. digitala delayn, tape ekon, reverse, oktavdelay och shimmer. Har även en inbyggd looper på 62 sekunder.

    Electro-Harmonix Cock Fight

    1.690,00 kr
    Att ställa en wahwah-pedal i ett "sweet-spot" läge och sedan lämna den där är välanvänt hos många gitarrister. Cock Fight gör just detta och även "Talking Wah" samt med en inbyggd Fuzz.

    Electro-Harmonix Crayon 69

    890,00 kr
    Med en mer öppen frekvensåtergivning är Crayon ett intressant alternativ till andra normalt mer mellanregister fokuserade overdrivepedaler. Kontroller för volume, gain, bass och treble.

    Electro-Harmonix Crayon 76

    990,00 kr
    Med en mer öppen frekvensåtergivning är Crayon ett intressant alternativ till andra normalt mer mellanregister fokuserade overdrivepedaler. Kontroller för volume, gain, bass och treble.

    Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XO

    2.490,00 kr
    Klassisk analog Flanger som funnits sedan sent 70-tal numera uppdaterad i ett smidigare chassi.


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